Tips for Chiropractic Facebook Marketing

Chiropractors have quickly gained understanding of Facebook marketing and its importance for their practices.  Not only is almost every Chiropractor doing it, but they are doing it well.  Every other office is your competition, and it is survival of the fittest out there.  If you aren’t marketing your practice well, the practice down the street is.  Make sure you are up to snuff on how to effectively utilize Facebook to its fullest potential.  There are numerous tutorials out there on how to use all of its features.  This post will give you a few tips on how you can at best of Chiropractic SEO based on what has worked and what is a waste of time and money.


The point of Facebook is for people to interact with others they know, once knew, or want to get to know.  Between work, family obligations, and vacations, there is little time left for numerous social get togethers.  Facebook is a convenient way to login, check out what is going on with people and quickly communicate with others. There are several modes of interaction that you can utilize when marketing your chiropractic office.

  1. Personal Timeline. Your personal Facebook profile timeline is where you can post information for your Facebook friends to see.  From there, your friends can like, comment, and even share that information.  Although you will probably post a decent amount of personal information here, it is also a place where you can post exciting information about your practice (i.e. location changes, promotional events, etc.).  You should also add your credentials to the end of your name, just so when you post it reminds people that you are a Chiropractor.
  2. Facebook Groups. This is a marketing strategy that has been greatly overlooked.  Join groups for things that you are interested in, such as hobbies or sports.  When you are active in the group, people will quickly learn that you are a Chiropractor.  This is an excellent way for gaining new referrals.
  3. Facebook Page. Your company page must actually be LIKED by others in order for them to view the content.  There are several ways that you can gain likes.  The first is to pay to advertise your business on Facebook.  You can advertise within 10-15 miles of your geographical location, and all Facebook users within that area will see your page show up on the right hand of their screen. The second way to gain likes is to be active on your website’s blog.  If you are properly utilizing SEO, your blog should show up in search results which will then elicit a following.
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